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Treat Bags/Boxes

Chip Bags
They come ready for you to fill with treats etc.and you will have to seal the top with the attached double-sided tape.

Treat Bags
Bags will arrive ready for you filled with tissue paper and treats etc.

Panels Only
We print and cut out the panel and mail it to you. You are responsible for purchasing the bags and gluing the panel to the front of the bag.

We completely make the box and ship it to you. You filled with treats etc.

We print, cut and score the box and mail to you. You are responsible for gluing the side tab on a small box and 2 side tabs on a large box to form the box, then gluing the image to the front of the box as well as gluing the reinforcement inserts together for a large box.


Please note we no longer sell the closed handle boxes. All boxes are now opened handled as shown in the picture that shows the sizes.

Max of 10 Characters including spaces for the name on any box or bag. 

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